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What better gift for the ones you love than a tree? Feel good about shopping for the holidays by creating a better, more sustainable world with a local environmental non-profit while you do it. 

As an end-of-the-year fundraiser for our Earth-giving initiatives, We Are Neutral has trees for sale! Join us at our carbon-neutral coworking space to browse our available trees and support our educational outreach programs as well as our carbon offset and reduction projects. 

We'll be outside MindSpace Collective (834 E University Ave) on the following days/times:
- Friday, December 14th from 3pm-7pm
- Saturday, December 15th from 1pm-5pm
- Sunday, December 16th from 11am-3pm

Email us at info@weareneutral.com if you're interested but these times don't work for you. They're located at our office and we can work with your schedule- we want these trees to find happy homes! 


We have:
- Chickasaw Plums ($30)
- Eastern Redbuds ($30)
- American Persimmons ($35)
- Ichikikeijiro Persimmons ($35)
- Spalding Pears ($35)
- Thanksgiving Pears ($35)

Prices are negotiable.

All proceeds of the event will benefit We Are Neutral, a local non-profit organization. At We Are Neutral, we believe that we all are too creative, resourceful, and competent to accept the current state of this planet. That's why we seek to help individuals and groups better understand their carbon footprint and the impact they have on our community and the world. We establish leaders with our meaningful community-based carbon offsets, carbon reduction projects, education and messaging.