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  • 834 East University Avenue
  • Gainesville, FL, 32601
  • United States

Founded and run solely by women, MindSpace Collective is driven by the female consciousness. While we aim to provide an all-inclusive and supportive platform for any artist and entrepreneur in our community, the very heart of our purpose is our desire to connect with, support, and empower our fellow woman. It is our mission to build her up, provide her tools so her voice is heard and her vision is seen, to live her truth and ignite the fire within her that this world so desperately needs. There is a new day emerging and the goddess is rising!

Born of our desires to support every artist, as well as the feminine spirit, it is our pride and joy to announce our latest gallery collaboration with three incredibly talented artists, Iris Coe-Gross, Kali Levitov, and Larissa Kulyk, who have graciously come together with us for this special event. Goddess Rising features these inspirational local artists whose work draws on the feminine spirit, family, empowerment, and spirituality. Read more from the artists below.

Checkout the Facebook event here.