We're a team of passionate individuals striving to make a difference.

Through our unique skills and characters, we dedicated ourselves to inspiring more people to be earthgivers.


Say "Hi" to our team:

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Jacob cravey: founder

Jacob Cravey received his MBA of Sustainable Systems from Bainbridge Graduate Institute in 2014. Jacob enjoys tree climbing, surfing, traveling, community financing and being a dad. He's adept at business strategizing, networking, fundraising and making waffles.

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Anna Sampson: Director

Anna Grace Sampson received her Masters of Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009.  She uses the nature around her in her daily work to inspire her creativity. Anna enjoys creating and experiencing art, being in nature, doing yoga, running, watching documentaries, reading, and hanging out with her lively friends. Her skill sets include calculating carbon footprints, graphic design, photography, accounting and laughing at everyone's jokes.




Grace Ebner received her Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies with minors in Business Administration and Environmental Science from the University of Florida in 2017. Nature is captivating to Grace and she finds peace when surrounded by plants. She strives to connect the community with their natural environments while spreading awareness about key Earth processes, such as the carbon cycle. She loves hanging out with her two sweet dogs and enjoys gardening, painting, hiking, practicing yoga, and visiting the beach. She is passionate about ecology and the power of positivity.


Mark van Soestbergen: carbon manager

Mark has worked in the greenhouse gas arena for almost twenty years. He started in 1990 by designing Carbon Zero Fuel strategies for a major Japanese oil company, and funded tree planting in Asia by selling ‘eco-car’ stickers to offset vehicles. He has since worked on database solutions to track emission activities in large organizations and facilitated one of the first international transactions of verified emission reductions.  He is a frequent lecturer on climate change adaptation strategies, greenhouse gas accounting, and carbon portfolio management.