Turning Yoga Classes Into Carbon Offsets!


Sometimes the cost of offsetting seems impossible to swing.   We pride ourselves in being creative and resourceful earthgivers, and as such, are always seeking out creative ways to make our clients carbon neutral. 

First Magnitude, our first carbon neutral brewery, hosts free yoga on Sunday afternoons. Their motto is "come for a stretch, stay for a pint." They bring incredible yoga instructors from all over Gainesville to lead these classes, and though they're free, participants are encouraged to donate $5 to go towards organizations that are doing good in the community, like ours.

These donations are the funding structure that allow First Magnitude to be a carbon neutral brewery. 

In Gainesville, we all work together to make great things happen, and we're glad that we've been able to create a system that benefits everyone.  Our community is quite literally making the world a better place.