Our History

We Are Neutral was born from a seed in the mind of Founder Jacob Cravey while he was living as a surf shop business owner in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  He wondered what his life would be like if 10 years down the road, he had only taken from the earth and had not somehow contributed meaningfully to the world.  Realizing he and his family wanted to be givers in some way, they founded Earth Givers, Inc., We Are Neutral's parent non-profit organization.  

Earth Givers' first initiative was a project called Fanm Kap Plante, or "Women Who Plant," to provide women in Haiti with resources to plant fruit-bearing trees to support their families.  While this project is not the focus of We Are Neutral's operations, We Are Neutral's board of directors still returns to Haiti each year to continue helping this project which is dear to their hearts.

Shortly after foundation, Earth Givers created the carbon offset initiative We Are Neutral through a partnership with the Florida Gators. In 2007 they created local carbon offsets by distributing 71,900 highly efficient light bulbs (CFLs) throughout the Gainesville community. Through these efforts, the Gators became the first carbon neutral athletic association in the nation, establishing their sustainability brand Neutral Gator.

Eventually, We Are Neutral grew to offset events, businesses, bands, and even music festivals by supporting free-of-charge energy efficient home upgrades for low-income residents and by planting native trees on local conservation lands, efforts that We Are Neutral continues today.

In 2013, We Are Neutral established their second local carbon offset center in Manchester, TN to begin creating programs  for Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.  Bonnaroo began bringing We Are Neutral to the farm to manage a booth in Planet Roo communicating Bonnaroo's commitment to the environment and Manchester community.

Currently, We Are Neutral is focusing their efforts on growing and improving the local carbon reduction and offset initiatives in Gainesville, FL. 

Our Mission

We Are Neutral is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to remind everyone that we are all innately creative and resourceful earth-givers. We do this by giving individuals and businesses an opportunity to distinguish themselves as inspirational leaders through our meaningful local carbon offset programs.

Our offsets currently support free-of-charge home energy upgrades for low-income residents and  indigenous tree plantings on local conservation lands. We also support a methane abatement project at a local landfill that captures and prevents methane, a greenhouse gas that is 20 times more heat-trapping than carbon, from entering the atmosphere and a variety of other carbon reduction projects.  In this way, offsetting with us provides offsetters with a meaningful way to both cut their emissions and provide direct, tangible benefits to individuals in need and their communities. 

Once established as a carbon neutral partners, we help businesses and residents turn their storefronts or homes into educational platforms that communicate their values, bridge meaningful connections with patrons, and empower the most people possible with the message that creating the community we want starts with us today.