Hey you! We know you’re daydreaming about Pearl Jam and LCD Soundsystem, but it’s time to start preparing for Bonnaroo.

The month before the magical music fest usually flies by and you don’t want to be left posting “Anyone have a tent I can borrow?” on Facebook a few days before heading into the Tennessee heat.

Most people think of camping as a time to “rough it” and when it comes to Roo campsites, people often forget that there are rules for sleeping over at Mother Nature’s house too.

Whether it’s your first time camping out or you’re a bonafide wilderness junkie, follow this guide for a greener and cleaner Roo.

No Trace, No Waste

The logic is simple: if it was in your car when you arrived, be sure to either pack it back in your car when you leave or dispose of it properly. When you arrive at the festival, you will receive colored plastic bags for trash and recycling, so be sure to actually use them. It’s tempting to get lazy when you’re hot and tired, but neither the earth nor your camping buddies will appreciate a trashed campsite.

If you’re one of those people who refuses to use the portable restrooms (you know who you are), remember that human waste should be buried at approximately 8 inches in the ground and at least 200 feet away from any body of water.


Nothing is worse than getting a blistering sunburn on the first day of Roo. (Trust us, we’ve learned from experience.)  The Tennessee sun is intense, but unfortunately so are the chemicals in a lot of common sunscreens. These chemical-filled sprays and lotions are bad for you and the air around you, so when you shop for your pre-festival sun protection, opt for non-toxic, natural options.

No Chargin’ Chagrin

Although we tell ourselves we want to be “off the grid” for the festival, there are definitely some mind boggling Roo moments we want to capture and share on our cell phones. Idling your car to charge your electronics is not only a waste of gas, it increases your carbon footprint as well. Snag a solar powered charger and use the power of the rays to give you a boost!


Don’t waste money, resources and carbon on disposable plates, cups, silverware, etc. Pack sturdy plastic items, a small basin, a sponge and some eco-friendly dish soap. Take turns doing campsite dish duty. On that same note, don’t buy a case of 100 water bottles. Opt for bulk water and then use that supply to fill up your reusable water bottle or Camelback. Remember: there are tons of water stations inside Center Roo too!

For those of you doing some campsite partying, buy alcohol with less wasteful packaging, like a big boxed wine instead of a bunch of glass bottles. (And don’t forget to slap the bag!)

Bonnaroo is a magical place, and keeping these tips in mind while planning your journey will help keep it that way. Don’t let the all the hot fun and Tennessee summer sun keep you from doing your part.

If the earth is kind enough to support your favorite music festival, we can be mindful enough to support the earth.