A retrofit.

It’s not when your dad tries to slide into those skin tight bell bottoms from his disco days and it’s got nothing to do with throwback basketball jerseys.

At We Are Neutral, an energy retrofit is a vital piece of the carbon offsetting puzzle. The general idea behind an energy retrofit is to update buildings so that they use energy as efficiently as possible. We provide a variety of small updates that can be accomplished in an hour with volunteer labor.

While many people take steps to retrofit their own homes or businesses, our team performs free-of-charge home energy upgrades for low-income residents that might not be able to afford the upgrades on their own.

In preparation for our fourth trip to offset the carbon footprint of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, We Are Neutral will be performing retrofits on homes in the communities surrounding the festival. Since partnering with the festival in 2013, We Are Neutral has performed 100 energy retrofits each year in the surrounding areas with the help of organizations like Manchester Housing Authority, Grundy County Housing Authority, Keep Coffee County Beautiful, Duck River Electric and a host of volunteers, ultimately retrofitting every low-income house in Coffee County!

In past years, retrofits have included the following:

  • Exchanging all incandescent light bulbs for CFL light bulbs

  • Installing low-flow shower heads

  • Installing faucet aerators on all faucets

  • Cleaning refrigerator coils when accessible

  • Installing hot water heater pipe insulation

  • Testing and adjusting hot water heater temperature

  • Discussed energy saving tips with residents

  • Checking for leaks in sinks and notifying building maintenance as needed

  • Checking for gaps around windows and doors and notifying building maintenance as needed

  • Checking AC air filters and notifying building maintenance as needed

This year, we're increasing the number of retrofits we perform from 100 to 140, focusing on the communities just outside of Coffee County and continuing our commitment to preserving the place that Bonnaroo calls home.

We couldn’t do this work without the support of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and the Bonnaroo Works Fund.